And this research is just in time, demonstrating once again that mentorship leads to deeper learning, and creates a stronger interest in careers.

January is National Mentoring Month, and if you’ve been following my social media, you know I’ve had a few things to say about why you should step up your game in 2020. Just recently, the University of Houston gave us even more reasons to value mentorship. In short, when you connect students with professionals, students learn more, have greater depths of understanding, and witness the relevance and meaningfulness of what they are learning.

HR Dive, which covers trends shaping the employment industry, discussed how the study prompted students to exhibit deeper learning and more passion for their work when they were paired with industry professionals. “Most research on academic mentoring has examined peer mentoring… But this new study instead considered how forming a relationship with a practitioner in a student’s field can boost learning and understanding.”

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UH also commented on its findings. Consuelo Waight, associate professor of human development at UH and author of a corresponding paper on the research, wrote, “By taking the students outside the classroom, they saw the relevance and meaningfulness of what they were learning. That motivated them beyond case studies… Organization development was now personal. It was not a concept in a book.”

You can find more information on the UH study here.