Are you looking for new ways to motivate your reticent mentors to participate? Do you feel your mentors need additional training?

Teach to Work
“In Gallup’s Great Jobs-Great Lives study, only eleven percent of corporate executives perceive that job applicants (student graduates) have the skills they are looking for… As I see it, The United States is abundantly rich in adults with ‘know how.’ By connecting mentors – educated adults with expertise and knowledge to share, with mentees – teen and young adults who lack motivation, experience or role models in their lives – we can close the skills gap dramatically by adding real world perspectives and project-based experience to education.” — Patty Alper

In Teach to Work, Patty Alper brings decades of experience on how, why, and where to mentor, providing your corporation with step-by-step guidance to:

  • Better prepare your volunteer mentors with clear expectations
  • Provide your employee/mentors/retirees with a mentor-to-mentor guide that emphasizes how to work effectively within an intergenerational relationship
  • Offer proven lesson plans and role-playing scenarios that teach students
    the types of project based skills they will need in the corporate world
  • Take the fear out of mentorship through accessible, inspirational mentor-mentee stories
  • Furnish a comprehensive national Mentor Resource Guide, listed by industry
  • Use this book to formally recognize your employees and corporate retirees with
    morale-building programs and community engagement
Teach to Work Book

"Leveraging the unique skill sets of our employees and allowing them to bring their ‘whole self’ to a volunteer experience has proven to be a win-win for all. Employees are proactively seeking mentoring opportunities while mentees are benefiting from our community outreach. Patty is spot-on that project based mentoring is the way to go."

SUSAN WARNER, Vice President Worldwide Communications, MasterCard

Would your CEO, Corporate Social Responsibility or Human Resources Departments benefit from reading other corporate case studies about mentorship strategies and outcomes?

Teach to Work