Is “giving back” on your “to do” list – but you’d be comfortable staying within your wheelhouse of knowledge?

Teach to Work

Teach to Work taps into America’s rich reservoir of professional experience and facilitates a bridge to share that know-how with high school, community college, and university students – one clear pathway for closing the skills gap.

"Project Based Mentoring™ is a unique approach to learning because it integrates different generations and culturally diverse people around something to ‘do.' The project is based on tackling realistic problems with real world application. Where the mentor has vast experience in the project dimensions and content, the student is the idea generator, the responsible party, and the driver of the activity and its execution." — Patty Alper
Teach to Work Book

In her book, Teach to Work, seasoned entrepreneur Patty Alper shares insights from decades of experience, providing mentor-to-mentor advice, motivation, and a comprehensive Mentor Resource GuideTeach to Work also provides:

  • Guidance on being a mentor with a step-by-step chronology on building relationships with schools, teachers and mentees
  • Proven lesson plans and role-playing scenarios that teach students the types of skills they will need in the business world
  • Inspiration from numerous mentors who have trekked the mentorship path before
  • Examples of ways you can also witness “the lightbulb turning on” in your mentees
  • Stories and anecdotes that will help you build your own lesson plans

"You have made a difference in the lives of these kids, and most likely you have made a difference in the lives of their kids as well. They have grabbed hold of your light, because they feel your encouragement and kindness, and maybe because they had no other. Thank you for your important leadership in this role."

CHRIS GARDENER, Author of The Pursuit of Happyness
2010 NFTE Dare to Dream Speech

Have you wondered where or how to get started?

Teach to Work