Would your nonprofit benefit from more corporations or businesses involved as mentors?

Teach to Work

Teach to Work takes the reader through Why, How and Where to Mentor.

The book can be used by nonprofits for:

  • recruiting new mentors
  • culling new ideas for mentor programs
  • augmenting mentor training
  • acknowledging a participating mentor community

In her book, Teach to Work, seasoned mentor and entrepreneur Patty Alper shares insights from decades of experience, providing mentor-to-mentor advice and motivation. Teach to Work offers:

Teach to Work Book
  • Inspiration from numerous mentors who have trekked the mentorship path before
  • Guidance in being a mentor with a step-by-step chronology building relationships with schools, teachers, and mentees
  • Proven lesson plans and role-playing scenarios that teach students the types of skills they will need for employment in the corporate world
  • Pathways to create deeper corporate engagement because the mentoring fits in the wheelhouse of your mentors
  • Teach to Work includes a special section on Project Based Mentoring®. It integrates different generations and culturally diverse people around something to “do.”
“The project is based on tackling realistic problems with real world application, where the mentor has vast experience in the project dimensions and content, and the student is the idea generator, the responsible party, and the driver of the activity and its execution.” — Patty Alper

The book provides a comprehensive Mentor Resource Guide that is sorted by the mentor’s profession and will guide corporations or individual mentors to education-based nonprofit programs. We will compliment that Guide with an online list, which will be updated as new organizations are identified. If you are a multi-state nonprofit and you would like to be included in this guide, please contact us at

"Patty makes a compelling case that if we’re serious about closing the opportunity gap in school and work we need more caring adults to get involved as mentors. We need a mentoring revolution. Teach to Work is a passionate, firsthand account of how to mentor well, from someone who has been serving on the front lines. This is an invaluable resource for individual volunteers, corporate community relations teams, and school partners."

NICK HUTCHINSON, Executive Director, US 2020

Is your nonprofit tapping into your mentors’ expertise as productively as possible?

Teach to Work