Would your school benefit from deeper engagement with the corporate and business communities?

Teach to Work

Teach to Work uniquely brings the academic and business sectors together in a win/win relationship called mentorship. Through having a defined, interactive role, the book spells out a new dynamic that fits in the wheelhouse of the mentor, and better prepares students for 21st century jobs.

“Project Based Mentoring™ is a unique approach to learning because it integrates different generations and culturally diverse people around something to ‘do.’ The ‘project’ is based on tackling realistic problems with real world application. Where the mentor has vast experience in the project dimensions and content, the student is the idea generator, the responsible party, and the driver of the activity and its execution.” — Patty Alper
Teach to Work Book

In her book, Teach to Work, seasoned mentor and entrepreneur Patty Alper shares insights from decades of experience, providing lesson plans, advice and motivation that offers your school:

  • A medium through which students can see how their education translates to work
  • Mentorship programs in which students can see the world from a mentor/alumnus’ perspective
  • Projects through which a student learns hard and soft skills that are relevant, with real world application
  • Meaningful connections for both mentor and mentee that cross multi-generational and socio-economic divides
  • Guidance on being a mentor with a step-by-step chronology on building relationships with schools, teachers and mentees

"Patricia Alper has masterfully written about a model with clarity, giving solid examples while being engaging. I have rarely seen any proposed relationship between business and education to be so meaningful, building on the strengths of each partner and enhancing the work of both."

MARI KOERNER PhD, Dean of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

How can you better prepare your students to enter the 21st century work force? Would you consider introducing them to real-world perspectives, hands-on projects, and potential future employers?

Teach to Work