Get Entrepreneurial: How Your Small Corporation Can Make a Huge Impact — a byline from Businessing Magazine

In its Great Jobs, Great Lives study, Gallup researched how America can best prepare students for a productive work life. It was the largest representative study of its kind, and included interviews with students, graduates, professors, administrators, parents, and employers. Gallup found that [...]

From the Classroom to the Office: Closing the Skills Gap — a byline from CEOWorld Magazine

How can America best prepare students for a productive work life? How can we address the skills gap? In its’ Great Jobs, Great Lives study, Gallup found that 98 percent of chief academic officers at colleges and universities reported: “confidence that they were preparing students for success in [...]

Eleven Essential Steps to Building Mentoring Partnerships with Companies — a byline from Education Reimagined

In my first article for Education Reimagined, I reported an extremely significant finding from Gallup’s “Great Jobs, Great Lives” study. Students were twice as likely to be engaged in their work and cultivate a sense of well-being later in life if they had two particular experiences while in [...]

Did you ever consider that by simply showing up, sharing your professional experience, and describing how you overcame bumps along the way, you could inspire a lightbulb moment for a student?

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