Implementation Guide for Mentor Coordinators

This free PDF is created to get you started or to reshape your Mentorship Program. It offers a deep dive into administration and logistics with the goal of streamlining your operations and efficiencies.

The Implementation Guide is a best practice tool written to support those individuals within your organization who will be assigned to coordinate all aspects of mentorship. The primary focus is the unique collaboration between the academic and business sector, but it will also inform coordinators for inter-office mentorship catered to new hires, interns or apprentices.

Based on over 18 years’ experience recruiting, training, matching and supporting mentors, this Implementation Guide shares new ideas and approaches that will help make your mentoring program seamless.

What will you gain from reading the material? You will learn about:

  • Coordinators role, job description and skills required
  • Mentor Recruiting suggestions, dialogue, roleplays
  • Developing a target List
  • Background checks
  • Preparing different constituencies for each other
  • Supporting role, touchpoints
  • Suggested training
  • Placement and Matching
  • Facilitation and Troubleshooting
  • Acknowledgements, Public Relations

Who is the Implementation Guide for?

  • Corporations starting or upgrading Mentorship Programs
  • Academic Institutions who are starting or upgrading Mentorship Programs
  • Non-Profit Leaders who offer Mentorship
  • Small Businesses who want to build mentorship within their organization


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