Program Development Consulting

Under the Alper Portfolio Group, the Teach to Work team is available to consult on the following:

Developing a Campaign to Recruit Mentors:

  • Team Approach to Designing a Target List
  • Defining and Rehearsing the Ask
  • Understanding Corporate Needs
  • Assign and Oversight of Recruitment Activities to a Deadline
  • Developing a Relevant Agreement Between Institutions


All consulting terms can be negotiated on a fee basis or hourly terms, and can either be delivered in person or via webinar.

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Designing a Project Based Mentoring® Program:

  • Working with Administrators on Job Role in Mentor Management
  • Working with Educators or HR on Relevant Assigned Projects
  • Determining the Correct Role for Mentors & Setting Expectations
  • Offering Mentor Training—Through Above-Described Train the Trainer Model or
  • Mentor Orientation Video Tutorial—Done Solo at Mentor’s Leisure
  • Designing the Corporate Experience; Working Through Logistic Details