Teach to Work is filled with a myriad of stories including both Corporate Case Studies and Individual Mentor experiences like those listed below. We know that you and your organization will also be touched by mentoring opportunities. We hope you share those stories with us, so that we can spread the message and encourage others, as well. Also, please join our newsletter so that we can share updates, stories, and best practices with you.

Mentor Stories

One day, Kevin handed me a fully completed business plan for his lawn-mowing business. He whispered, ‘I just don’t know how to get started. Besides, I have a job at McDonald’s, and I don’t know how to fit it all in.

Corporate Case Studies

When Pfizer sales reps called on pharmacists and doctors in town, the families these people were serving had benefited from Pfizer firsthand through their work in the schools. The volunteer program provided a link, a feeling that they were all part of the same community.

Your Story

We would love to hear about your front-line experiences for our “Corporate Case Studies” and “One to One Mentor Stories.” Suitable entries will be posted on our website, blog, and newsletters, showcasing your works and best practices so that others can benefit from your wisdom and experiences. You may wish to share:

  • the project on which you and your mentee collaborated
  • a relational arc
  • a photo, and
  • quotes from you and/or your mentees
  • Your corporation’s philanthropic objective
  • Your corporation’s methodology
  • Recruitment plan
  • Corporate culture takeaways

Submissions are ideally 300-500 words in text or a blend of text and outline. We also welcome your submission of hyperlinks to short (e.g. two-minute) videos, provided the videos include a title, as well as mentor and mentee information. All submissions must be sent with a permission of use, date, and affiliation.

Did you ever consider that by simply showing up, sharing your professional experience, and describing how you overcame bumps along the way, you could inspire a lightbulb moment for a student?

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