Your front-line experiences can provide inspiration and wisdom for others! If you are a mentor, please consider sharing a “mentor story” that discusses your relationship with the mentee, any “turning on the light bulb” moments you witnessed, and how the mentorship has impacted you and/or your mentee. Feel free to include a summary of the project on which you collaborated, photos, and quotes (embedded in the Word or PDF document).

If you represent a corporation that has a mentorship program, please consider submitting a corporate case study. Corporate case studies might highlight, for example, how the mentorship program has been received in your neighborhood, how the corporate culture and comradery has improved, your corporation’s philanthropic objective or methodology, and/or its recruitment plan.

Submissions, whether they are mentor stories or corporate case studies, are ideally between 300-500 words in length. We ask that all submissions be sent with a permission of use, date, and the party who authorized such reprint permission.

Thank you for your submissions, and we look forward to sharing your inspiring stories and best practices via our website, blogs, and newsletters!