Often, the biggest obstacle to mentoring is finding out where you belong. How can you use your skills to best serve youth who are interested in your field of endeavor? Which organizations or schools already offer mentorship programs, such that you can plug in to an existing program?

In Teach to Work, Patty has created an easy-to-follow “call to action” in the form of a Mentor Resource Guide. Over the course of 40 pages Patty provides an organized and user-friendly resource that helps mentors begin to navigate this process. The sample chart below exemplifies how the Mentor’s Resource Guide can help you find the perfect fit for your unique knowledge and skills. And strategically, the Guide is organized and searchable by the mentor’s discipline, geographic location, and mentee age group.

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Teach to Work Book

Mentor Resource Guide Excerpt

I know from my own education that if I hadn’t encountered two or three individuals that spent extra time with me, I’m sure I would have been in jail. —Steve Jobs (interview by Daniel Morrow, 1995)

"Teach to Work lays out the why and the how of mentoring, and it is my sincere hope that the stories and writing inspires you to take the next step: ‘where do I start?’ The Mentor Resource Guide can broker that new connection for you. My goal is to transition your thinking about mentorship from an act of charity, to an act of empowering others."


Would your CEO, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources departments benefit from reading other corporate case studies about mentorship strategies and outcomes?

Teach to Work