Drawing on 35 years of business experience and 15 years of hands-on mentoring, Patty delivers authentic and straightforward advice to audiences who want to plant seeds of motivation to youth within their own communities. Using interactive examples of real world projects, Patty guides her audiences through ways they can perfect their mentoring programs. Building on the wisdom she sets forth in her book, Teach to Work, Patty provides practical, immediately actionable ways for organizations and individuals to bridge the skills gap in America using project-based mentorship.

And finally, but most importantly, students around the country have attested to the life-changing effect of being introduced to project-based mentoring.

Find out what your organization can do to build and perfect its project-based mentorship program. Watch as Patty inspires your employees and retirees to embark on the most important calling they will ever have.

Patty Alper, Author, Teach to Work

Patty’s Most Requested Speaking Topics:

My Journey From Entrepreneur to Mentor to Author

Patty shares her path to mentorship, the myriad of joys that resulted, and the trepidations one may have at the start. Patty engages audiences with heartfelt stories and inspiring student letters, while offering concrete best practices learned through on-the-job training. Patty closes by addressing the most commonly asked question — Why Mentor? — leaving audiences inspired to take action.

Why Corporations Mentor

In a workshop format, Patty shares the history and latest trends in social responsibility and corporate youth mentoring. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of how corporations think when it comes to philanthropic priorities. Audiences learn how to incorporate project based mentorship as part of an intergenerational experience bringing the corporate world into the academic sector.

The Case for Project Based Mentorship

It’s clear that our country’s education status is falling, currently ranked 36th worldwide by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Between corporations who want to build a pipeline of eligible employees, and 78 million baby boomers that are slated to retire, the question remains: how can we deploy America’s knowledge practitioners to those who need them most? Patty answers this by introducing her Project Based Mentorship model. Audiences will learn from case studies how to design a successful mentoring program utilizing real work experiences and long-term projects. Patty provides a new way of looking at education using a proven model for bridging the experience gap.

Patty as Interviewer or Moderator

Patty’s radio background sets her up as a natural panel moderator or one-to-one interviewer. Whether it’s for a strategic philanthropy panel, nonprofit practitioners, educators, or youth, she understands each perspective firsthand.

Engage Patty as a Speaker

Patty has years of experience as a speaker, panelist, and expert:

  • Distinguished Speaker
    • Facebook,  Panel Discussion for Launch of New Global Job Site
    • “Women in Administration: A Journey from Entrepreneur to Mentor to Author,” Colorado Association of School Executives’ Annual Convention
    • Annual Conference for National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
    • “A Corporate Classroom,” National Mentoring Summit
    • “Why Corporations Mentor,” National Mentoring Summit
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
    • Recipient, Donor of the Year
    • Recipient, Philanthropist of the Year
    • National Staff
    • Keynote speaker, Adopt-A-Class Trainings and Recognition Breakfasts (nationwide)
    • Keynote speaker, CRA Bank Credits & Fundraising
    • Motivational speaker, National Board Chairs and Board Members Development
    • Motivational speaker, Regional Retreats
    • Mentor, 15 years
  • Speaker and Interviewer for philanthropists and donors, Washington Area Regional Association of Grantmakers
  • Speaker, Council on Foundations
  • Speaker, Jewish Historical Society
  • Speaker, Freddie Mac
  • Radio Talk Show Host, Infinity Broadcasting

"Patty presents the business world with a compelling call to service. Unlike more general approaches to mentoring, engaging youth in project-based learning is intuitive, scalable, and broadly applicable."

DR. JEAN RHODES, Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts;
Boston Director for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring

Is “giving back” on your “to do” list—but you’d be more comfortable staying within your wheelhouse of knowledge?

Teach to Work