Mentoring for Maximum Results-Video Tutorial

Whether you are a CEO, executive, manager, entrepreneur, parent or are retired, your knowledge can make a difference. You have the experience and skill sets to become an ambassador of talent, grit and transferable skills. This eCourse will teach you how to do just that: transform your knowledge through learning how to mentor. It is designed for the individual, as a one to one tutorial, with Patty Alper (speaker, expert mentor and author of Teach to Work). It is particularly catered to the reticent mentor who might think; What do I have to offer? How will I work intergenerationally? What role am I supposed to play?

This video tutorial’s advantage is it is short — approximately 2 hours total. It is targeted to a new mentor. It works hand in hand with the Teach to Work book, and can be done at a mentor’s desk, in his or her’s own time frame. If you have a large group of mentors from one company, or various individuals from various locations, as a mentor coordinator, all you need to do is give them a date certain when you need the video completed. Individuals receive downloadable lessons, accompanied by case studies, interactive games, experiential activities, readings and take -home review sessions. The potential mentor in you will be unleashed through step by step guidance that can help professionals across all industries and backgrounds learn how to effectively mentor.

What am I going to get from the Mentoring for Maximum Results video and book?

  • Valuable tools to become a successful mentor
  • Confidence and new skills in an intergenerational relationship
  • Understanding a clearly defined role that fits within your wheelhouse
  • Case studies, interactive games, and exercises that make learning easy and fun
  • Actionable steps to utilize in your workplace immediately

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Mentoring for Maximum Results video tutorial is perfect for:

  • Individuals and companies who want to create a mentoring program
  • Individuals and companies engaged in mentoring programs who want to become more effective
  • Women in leadership positions
  • CEO’s, Executives, Managers and Leaders
  • Managers who want to expand their mentoring skills
  • Organizations that want to offer its members added value to membership
  • Anyone who desires to share their knowledge with next generation
  • Students who wish to mentor and help pave their path for the future

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Pricing: Videos are Packaged together with Ebook

  • 1 @ $87
  • 2-50  @ $79 each
  • 50-100  @ $69 each
  • 100-250 @ $59 each
  • 250+  @ $49 each

Included in Bulk Sales:

  • Certificate of Completion-customized to corporation
  • Customized Facebook/Skype group Chat with Patty Alper
  • Receive Teach to Work Blog, Mentoring Stories and Best Practices
  • Free E-Book, An Implementation Guide for Mentor Coordinators

Want a Sneak Peek into the course?

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