In her new book, Teach to Work, mentoring expert Patty Alper confronts the growing “skills gap” in America’s schools. Compelling and insightful, Teach to Work reveals how corporations, professionals, and retirees can have a significant impact on education by becoming ambassadors of talent, grit, and skill.

How are we preparing the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow? In a recent Gallup study, only eleven percent of corporate executives perceived that college graduates had the skills they were looking for. With sixteen million unemployed youth (2016 U.S. Labor statistics), Patty empowers readers to contribute to the solution by bringing their real-world experience to the classroom.

Featuring heartfelt stories from students, teachers, and mentors, Teach to Work is an invitation to share in the fulfillment that comes from helping students overcome obstacles and reimagine their future. Patty offers readers concrete tools for successful mentorship drawn from years of experience. Her proven Project Based Mentorship model provides an intuitive and scalable way to transform education.

With 78 million Baby Boomers entering retirement, and robust Corporate Social Responsibility programs looking to deploy knowledgeable volunteers, America has a treasure trove of untapped resources. Teach to Work provides the tools needed to deploy America’s knowledge practitioners where they’re needed most.

An inspiring and life-changing call to action, Teach to Work is a book about transforming lives one student at a time.

“Patty Alper has written a classic book on education by focusing on the field mentoring. It should be read by everyone who is interested in the state of the art of the craft Mentoring, which is arguably the heart of any learning experience.

I have worked with Ms. Alper for 20 years and believe she is one of the top educators in mentoring in our country. I have read every word of her book and am proud to say I will use many of the ideas that I learned from it.”

— Steve Mariotti, Founder of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

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Teach to Work Book

Forbes writes, “A clever idea… a person with decades of business experience mentors a student on a project the child devises, plans and implements.”

One of Amazon’s top 50 reviewers says, “Five out of five stars.”

The Huffington Post’s Martin Zwilling says Patty’s project based mentoring “is a missing link in our education system today between schools and businesses.”

“Impressively informative, thoughtful, thought provoking, practical, and inspirational… Teach to Work is a critically important and highly recommended addition to community and academic library collections.” — Midwest Book Review.