Curriculum for Mentor Trainers

The best way your company can prepare its mentors is to have a training session prior to the mentors’ first days as volunteers. By investing in training, your company ensures that its mentors have a positive experience from the start, which will lead to their continued engagement. We not only have a Find a Trainer resource for you to locate one of our prequalified trainers, we have also developed a companion guide for your own mentor trainers, called Teach to Work: A Curriculum for Mentor Trainers.

The Curriculum’s goal is to help any organization better prepare its mentors for successful intergenerational relationships. Written by mentor trainers with collaboration and input from Patty, the Curriculum provides an easy-to-follow mentor training program that works hand in hand with Teach to Work, the book. The Curriculum assists your mentor trainer with the instruction of new adult mentors, preparing them with hands-on experiential learning exercises before they begin working with youth. The mentor trainer will be primed with power point slides, agendas, activity sheets and exercises that will raise mentor training to a new level. Through team implementations that simulate the classroom dynamic, your mentors’ expectations and fears will be eased, cohort bonds will be built among participants, and the group’s mentoring skills will be heightened.

The Curriculum for Mentor Trainers is designed to accommodate a training program suitable for your corporation’s schedule. Classes can be held over a full day, two half days, or four partial days of preparation and training. Curriculum sections include:

  • Setting Expectations
  • Developing One-on-One Relationships (Student, Teacher)
  • Learning about Project Based Mentoring
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Facilitating a Class
  • Tools of the Trade

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